Tuesday, June 18, 2013

City Chic and Autograph Summer Preview

So today I trotted along to the headquarters of SFG - Specialty Fashion Group, to get a sneak peak of all their upcoming looks for the Spring/Summer season this year. 

For the full look at some of the upcoming styles for City ChicAutographCrossroads and Katies, visit Shop til You Drop to check out this gallery I compiled for them with all the fun upcoming trends. 

In the meantime, here are MY personal faves. Including these FUCKING AWESOME BEETLEJUICE JEANS. 

CITY CHIC: JUST SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY! They're definitely top of my shopping list for next season.

Above: Confetti print blazer with cool zip-waistband detail. Below: HOW AMAZING IS THIS SEQUINNED PENCIL SKIRT???? (Both pieces will be coming into City Chic in July/August.

Some of the fabulous Pin-up girl inspired lingerie coming into City Chic:

Me with my fave pieces:

Here's my full outfit. Yes I was rather rugged up, as today was actually the coming of the SECOND ICE AGE!

Also, Puffa jackets are very on-trend at the moment and I found this awesome psychedelic blue and purple tie-dyed 90s-era vintage ski jacket with geometric applique detail in an op-shop a few weeks ago for $14 and I HAD TO HAVE IT!

Check out the stripey applique detail on the back. I love it.

I'm wearing it here with:

 - Mini skirt by M line from Myer a couple of years ago
 - Black leggings from who knows, I've got a million pairs
 - (Underneath) black sheer oversized shirt from ASOS a few years ago
 - Arabel studded cut-out boots from TOPSHOP
 - Black Rib Boyfriend Beanie from ASOS
 - White rimmed round sunnies from ASOS (that my Grandma informs me look like goggles)
 - Chunky necklace from H&M in London a few years back

Back to the collections, these acid-wash denim shorts from City Chic were pretty friggin cool. I don't know if I'd wear them myself though - maybe over my second skin of black leggings.

Here's a closer look at that awesome sequinned skirt again:

This one's a great statement piece for evening wear: a black strapless full-length gown with dramatic sequinned bustier and peplum.


I love a bit of acid-pink. Especially in a sheer lace top. This one's from Katies which I didn't realise goes all the way upto size 22.

How cute is this peachy lacey/brocadey skater dress from Crossroads? Love the cut-out details. They're really reasonably priced too. I can't remember the exact price of this one but most of their stuff is around the $50/$60 price-point.

This lightweat kimono-style jacket is pretty psychedelic:

I loved the fringing detail too:

This maxi-dress was fun. I liked the multi-colour trim and the padded bustier with studded cup-details. Would be great for a summer festival-look. 

There were heaps of lightweight, patterned cotton trousers on display too from all the labels. These black and white ones were from Crossroads.

Up close it almost looked like a cross-stitch pattern which I quite liked.

That's my wrap! Until next time....


  1. im actually salivating at how amazing everything looks! especially those beetlejuice jeans!! *heart eyes*

  2. Oh god, I better start saving now because I want SO MUCH!