Sunday, July 14, 2013

Aussie Curves: Colour Clash

This week's colour clash theme was a great excuse for me to break out this orange tunic that I've had for a couple of years - from ASOS, but have never really worn much.

I'm wearing it with my blue spandex Gisela Ramirez leggings because I love this combination of two colours from opposite sides of the colour wheel. Have picked up on the blue again in my new teal lipstick from Illamasqua.

The blue-skinned look I think is a bit reminiscent of Hindu Gods like Krishna, Kali and Shiva so I took the look a bit further with a bit of extra kohl eyeliner (I never normally wear it), multiple bindis and the necklace from Sportsgirl that reminds me of the kind of elaborate jewellery worn at Hindu weddings.

I am attempting to do some Indian dancing inspired poses here too but am clearly not pulling it off....

When I was a kid I was obsessed with Indian culture and used to study all the different Hindu Gods, re-read Lonely Planet India constantly and collect Indian jewellery, bangles and sari fabrics, desperate to travel there.

Have still never been but am keen to go within the next year. It's such a huge country I think you'd need a good six months at least to see the place properly but was thinking of dipping my toe in with a couple of weeks just exploring Bombay and surrounds.

Another thing I was rather fixated with as a kid was all things inflatable, so to complete the look (in a clashing shade of yellow of course) is this blow-up backpack. I've got a bunch of these in a range of different colours and hope to sell them in soon in my online shop - if and when I ever get around to launching it! It's hard to find the time when you're working full time.

Anyway, yay for all things inflatable! Especially inflatable furniture - remember that? terrible. Love it.

I'm wearing:

 - Orange tunic from ASOS Curve (a couple of years ago)
 - Blue spandex leggings - Gisela Ramirez
 - White fake Docs - Raben Footwear
 - Inflatable backpack (sit tight - I'll be selling them soon)
 - Gold multi-tier necklace - Sportsgirl
 - Bindis - Paddy's Market
 - Blue Lippy - Illamasqua


  1. Hot woman! Love it! That tunic is awesome! Love your style! Your bags are so great!

  2. I nearly bought that necklace the other day! I'm loving the lipstick & eyeliner & of course the clothing is fantastic. I used to have inflatable furniture! I had a lounge & 2 chairs in my bedroom!

  3. Amazing! Love the Indian theme happening there!

  4. Love it! SO bright, it hurts my eyes which makes it pretty darn perfect in my books. LOVING especially the peeks of blue coming through the cutouts in the tunic. Very cool

  5. I just love all things 90s atm....ive been waiting for it to pass but I dont think it will happen and when you wear your bindis Im like "this is why I love her, cause she fucking rad!" Your photos are so much fun! Love it!