Monday, August 19, 2013

Aussie Curves: WORK (IT BABY!)

I can't think of this week's Aussie Curves theme without immediately singing:

"Work! Work! Work! Work! Working on mah Shiit!"

Thanks Iggy Azalea:

I'm also immediately reminded of this scene from Pretty Woman - which also happens to be what this blog is named after. 

When Julia Roberts' Vivian is trying to score a job from Richard Gere's Edward, her friend Kit encourages her to strut her stuff with a cry of "Work it! Work it baby, Work it! Own it!"

I can't find a video or meme of that scene but here's a sound bite:

Kind of alarming really that all these references of women working only allude to prostitution. A fact that I was blissfully unaware of when I was a kid and my big cousin Kate (yes, my opshopping partner in crime) always used to yell out "Work it, work it baby, work it!!!" as a term of encouragement. 

I think the way she meant it, and hence the way I choose to use it in my blog name, is that it's about working what you've got, and showing it off to it's full advantage. That DOESN'T mean sexualising yourself to men. It just means don't ever feel limited by the way you look or if you're different to everyone else. That's probably your best damn asset, so show it off. 

ANYWAY, am diverging slightly from the point, which is clothes. I do actually have some photos of myself at work, not as a prostitute but as a proper business-type-lady in an office. 

See? There's a proper photocopier and everything.

Melanie Griffith circa Working Girl would be proud:

Not that I would EVER wear sneakers to work in order to change into heels. I find both kinds of footwear disgusting. I choose instead to wear flat comfy shoes all day long thank you very much!

You may notice I have long hair on both sides of my head in this pics. It was before I got the undercut - my friend Alison took them in the office one night after work. It's actually in our old office because we've moved floors since then - something I'm sure you all care deeply about ;) Anyhoo....reminiscing. 

This outfit is actually surprisingly business-like for me. What with a blazer and trousers and such.

I am not a big believer in 'work-wear' and if I ever worked anywhere where they told me I couldn't wear exactly what I wanted, I'd probably quit immediately. Or try and sue for discrimination.

Look! I'm at my desk doing business-type stuff.....with the computer switched off...

I understand that obviously if you work in a kitchen or a hospital or a building site, certain types of clothing are necessary for health and safety reasons. If you're sitting behind a desk all day though in a temperature controlled office, what possible advantages are going to be provided by wearing drab colours and uncomfortable tailoring?

I think just be comfortable...and add a bit of colour. Especially if your office is as grey and boring as ours. As long as you're not walking round with your genitals hanging out which kind of constitutes sexual harassment, what possible harm can come from dressing awesomely all the time?

So yes, pretty much all the outfits you've seen on this blog I have been known to wear to work. Hence the rather stiff, tailored look of this outfit is pretty damn businessy compared to my usual fare. So of course I had to pose on my desk to mix it up a bit:

I'm wearing:

 - Yellow woollen blazer - thrifted from a Southern Highlands op-shop
 - Black and white stripe peplum top from ASOS
 - Black skinny jeans from Shitty Chic 
 - Black skull boots by Demonia - thrifted from a local Vinnies for $15
 - Giant skull necklace by Tatty Devine via Ebay

Look - STAPLING! (Proper Business-type-lady stuff):

The bamboo plant on my desk (on the right) is actually my secretary. Her name is Helga. She is having an affair with Alison - the one who's taken these photos, but shh...don't tell anyone - Alison has a boyfriend.

See you next time. Til then, I'm just ...WORK WORK WORK WORK WORKING ON MAH SHIT!