Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Aussie Curves: Double Take

Well hello there Aussie's been a while....

This week's theme is Double Take and rather than do two totally different looks (though I sort of did that too) I've done a couple of items that make the viewer do a double-take and go back for a second look.

First up is this crazy graphic cartoon/comic printed dress. The print is so cool you have to go back for a second look just to see all the different little details in the print. There's everything from cupcakes and the cookie monster to skulls, love hearts, flamingos and french fries. I got it after seeing Bek from Colourful Curves blog about it. It's from Yours Clothing in the UK. While that specific style has sold out they have one very similar here at the moment. The print is slightly different but it's still pretty colourful and cool with the same mesh detail at the neckline.

To go with the cartoon theme is this awesome cartoon backpack. You may have heard of the brand Jump From Paper that do these really cool cartoon style backpacks. I didn't actually get the official branded ones though as they're pretty pricey but I found a cheap knock off here on Storenvy. The quality still seems pretty good to me though! The style of these bags really does make you do a double take too as its mimics a comic illustration so well that its hard to tell if it's 2D or 3D.

To complete the cartoon theme are the red jelly flats for a bit plastic fantastic fabulousness and then for another look this fabulous bright green polka-dot trench coat which I think is very Minnie Mouse. It's by Aussie designer Charlie Brown but I picked it up in a local op-shop for a bargain price which I bartered down further as the top button was missing. Someone had actually just stuck the spare button in the coat pocket though so all I had to do was sew it back on (which of course I've never gotten round to! #lazypants).

The coat's fabulous because of the shape it can almost be worn as a dress on it's own - so slinging it over the dress creates a whole new look altogether while still staying on theme with the cartoon vibe.

So I'm wearing:

- Cartoon print dress from Yours Clothing 
- Red jelly flats from Rubi Shoes
- Green polka dot trench by Charlie Brown - thrifted
- Cartoon backpack from Storenvy 

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Thanks all!


  1. This is my favourite outfit of yours so far! Looooove it. That trench is just amazing.

  2. I love the trench coat, so funky!

  3. O.M.G. That backpack is ridiculous!! You find the best stuff. Seriously. Great outfits and I like that you took double take to a new level with the show stopper element.

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  5. I love that backpack though it's kinda trippy on the eyes if I'm honest lol Such a cute style!