Thursday, January 2, 2014

Leopards, Giraffes... and not dead yet!

Happy New Year!   Hey look....



I have been very slack with this blogging caper. I am also aware that 95% of all blog posts ever written probably start with the same kind of bullshit-laziness-excuses so I shan't be giving one!

Had a break. Now I'm back. Let's move on....

This frock is a very cool and comfy one for summer which is apt as it's stinking hot in Sydney today. I got it at ASOS a few months ago. It was pretty cheap and it's cotton so it's perfect for the heat because it breathes and it's got minimal straps/arm/chest coverage.

Only thing is- it was from the main range rather than the plus-size range and I think as a consequence, it's really short - only just covers my bum. Doesn't matter too much as I always wear leggings anyway but I do spend a bit of time yanking it down which I realise, looking at these pics, results in my bra poking out the top. That's totally a look though right? Well I declare it is now. You can hardly tell with a black bra anyway.

Love the African-inspired Giraffe print and so above I've teamed it with this necklace which I think is a bit reminiscent of the beaded tribal necklaces worn in some African cultures. It's actually just made from recycled industrial rope and I got it from a vintage store in Wollongong mall called Medieval Disco on one of my Illawarra-region opshopping tours with my cousin Kate. The store has since changed hands and is now called Stillwater Haze but is still worth checking out as they've got some great retro threads. It's hidden away in an upstairs arcade and there's a really cute girly gift shop next door called The Milk Thieves which is also worth a visit.

Another way I've worn the frock (when it was a bit cooler) was to mix things up with this fab yellow leopard print cardi that I got from H & M in London a few years ago for about £15. I like a bit of a clashing print -  although I think these are actually both on the same theme with a safari-inspired look.

The creepers add a bit more animal print to the theme. They're my fave old Demonia ones that I got from Clubwear Australia and wear all the time. Although they are getting a bit worn out now.

The red necklace is a special one from Dinosaur Designs. I had to punch, claw and kill to get it at a discount at their annual warehouse sale a few years back.

All up I'm wearing:

Giraffe print frock - ASOS
Leopard print cardi - H&M London (a few years ago)
Fave black leggings - Next
Black Demonia Creepers - Clubwear Australia
Various wooden bangles - Mum's wardrobe and Sportsgirl 
Rope Necklace - Medieval Disco (now Stillwater Haze)
Red riverstone necklace - Dinosaur Designs

Anyway, it's good to be back - shall endeavour to make many more regular appearances on here soon and get involved with Aussie Curves again.

See you soon! xxx


  1. YAY! Welcome back, I've missed seeing that gorgeous face of yours! That dress looks so comfy! I actually ordered from the straight sized section for the first time the other day, couldn't resist!

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