Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Pretty in Pastels

There's this whole pastels trend going on at the moment. It's a colour palette that normally irks me but I've been having a bit of fun with it this summer and enjoying all the candy-coloured shades. So when I spied this supercute vintage shift dress while opshopping at Vinnies it caught my eye. For 9 bucks who can resist?

I love the apple green colour contrasting with the pastel pink and orange florals. It's such a retro summer house-frock.

I also think it goes great with the Tatty Devine Lotus flower necklace that I got for half price in their sale last year. It's sold out now but they've got another end of season sale on now that I recommend checking out. I'm also sporting candy-pink lippy. I have no idea what it's called but it would've just been a cheapy one from Priceline!

My other candy-coloured accessories are my purple Docs sandals and hot pink Cambridge satchel from ASOS. I think the retro sunnies (also from ASOS) work well with the whole vintage vibe.

I do sometimes wonder about the little old Grannies who must've worn some of my old vintage frocks before me. I presume they must all be mad old cat ladies and that that's why the mood rubs off on me!

I think it's so great to give this garments a second life though - and that they all have a story to tell. Like an old house, or antiques - it's nice that they can get passed down and loved all over again in a whole new way. Makes such a contrast to so much of the disposable fashion up for grabs at your local Westfield.


  1. Daaaaym gurrrl! I'm loving that pattern/ colour of that dress! And as always, jealous of your Tatty necklace.

  2. This dress looks fantastic on you!

  3. You are in my post today.

  4. So much goodness in this outfit. I haven't be here in ages and I'm loving all the outfits I've missed!

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