Monday, January 20, 2014

Work it, Shop it, Own it, Use it!

Oh look! Work it, Own it, Use it! has a shop!

It's an online garage sale to be precise and you can visit it here: 

As you all know I'm quite an op-shopaholic as well as a collector of vintage and second-hand fashion. I've sorted through my wardrobe as well as collected quite a collection of second-hand wares and have put them all up for sale HERE

Some of it's designer, some of it's vintage and some of it's just high-street stuff that I haven't worn much. There also accessories and shoes in sz 10-11. 

I don't know if the store is a bad idea as it may be hard to find. Perhaps I should list it on eBay to pick up those customers searching on there. I'll give it a go though and may list things on eBay too from time to time. 

I'd love your help in spreading the word though and if you know anyone who might be interested, please Facebook, Tweet email and Pin anything you like on Pinterest to help get the word out! Your help is much appreciated! Let's clear this damn wardrobe out!

Please keep checking back too cos there's PLENTY more items still to be listed.

You can also browse the Facebook store through the Work it, Own it, Use it! Facebook page. Follow and like the Facebook page here so you don't miss out when new items are added.

Thanks all - happy shopping!